Update PES 2012 : PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.5.0 GOLD by Dido_SMoKE

Posted by sofilmendo on Sunday, January 15, 2012

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PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.5.0 GOLDFeatures:
- Correct Names for everything.

- Correct emblems and flags for all teams.
- Bundesliga replaces PES league fake teams.
- Real Leagues in 2D league, choices:
(nPower, Liga adelante, 2.nd Bundesliga, serie B, Ligue 2, Eerste Divisie, Liga Orangina).
- No duplicated players.
- Updated transfers.
- Includes Konami exe 1.3 and DLC 2.0
- Unlocked all extras and max GP points.
- New style 3D HD emblems (Genko06) for most clubs.
- Added new balls.
- Added new boots.
- Added new faces.
- Added new teams.
- Updated incorrect kits.
- SMoKE full GDB folder
- 12 scoreboard styles to choose from.
- Complete 32 champions league teams.
- And much more…

Change Log
PES SMoKE Patch 4.5.0 GOLD (Full):
- included konami DLC 2.0
- updated balls.
- updated/added faces.
- new style 3D HD emblems (Genko06) for most clubs.
- fixed flamingo name in all languages.
- a lot of small fixes and tweaks.

PES SMoKE Patch 4.4.3 GOLD (Update only):
- Optimized team names for non english languages.
- Included FULL Liga orangina in 2D installer.
- updated/fixed some kits.
- updated/fixed some faces.
- updated kitserver files.
- fixed crystal palace emblem in nPower.
- updated some winter transfers.
- updated boots.

PES SMoKE Patch 4.4.2 GOLD (Update only):
- fixed Lille CL kits.
- fixed some teams crash.
- fixed malaga away kits.
- updated some kits.
- added more faces.
- updated some national flags.
- added new sponsors logo (Karom)

PES SMoKE Patch 4.4.1 GOLD (Update only):
- fixed 5 CL team kits.
- fixed crash caused by panama missing kits.
- fixed wales kits.
- corrected ajax kits.
- fixed Eerste Divisie emblems.
- fixed crashes caused by using incompatible slots.

PES SMoKE Patch 4.4 GOLD (Full):
- included konami update files 1.03
- fixed all champions league kits.
- updated/added a lot of kits.
- updated/added a lot of faces.
- added new teams: (flamengo)
- updated kitserver (added faceserver)
- tweaked 2D ligue 2 kits.
- removed (dummy) players from 2D ligue 2.
- updated some transfers.
- improved 2D serie B team squads.
- 2D teams kits in GDB folder instead of .bin
- re-linked kits for more stability.
- installer compatible with all windows languages.

PES SMoKE Patch 4.2.4 GOLD (Update only):
- canceled

PES SMoKE Patch 4.2.3 GOLD (Update only):
- fixed maninger crash in all 2D options.
- fixed kitserver (mix-up kits)
- fixed cote d’ivoire kits crash.
- fixed classic teams kits.
- fixed champions league kits (a couple will be fixed soon).
- tweaked 2D teams kits.
- fixed installer bug with non-English systems (error create file).

PES SMoKE Patch 4.2.2 GOLD (Update only):
- completed french 2D teams and rosters in 2D installer.
- reconstruct league structure/removed all duplicated teams.
- fixed Uruguay flag.
- updated/fixed some kits.
- corrected most serie B squad attributes.
- added some missing players.
- fixed Eerste Divisie emblems.
- fixed some misspelled names.

PES SMoKE Patch 4.2.1 GOLD (Update only):
- fixed Chelsea kits.
- removed duplicated team in others.
- updated kitserver to 12.1.3
- updated EURO 2012 Ball.
- fixed 2D teams that made the game crash.
- fixed mix-up in the 2D installer.
- updated some kits.
- updated/added some faces.

PES SMoKE Patch 4.2 GOLD (Full):
- Fixed names of 2D teams in all languages.
- Added (Liga Orangina) in the 2D installer.
- Correct stadium names for all teams.
- Correct kits for 2D 4 leagues (NPower, Serie A, Bundeslig, liga adelente)
- Corrected a lot of wrong names.
- Reconstructed the patch files.
- Updated kitserver files to 12.1.1
- Added SMoKE full GDB folder.
- Removed added team chants due to volume difference.
- Added Dutch League Scoreboard to scoreboard installer.
- Updated some kits.
- Named bins in img folders.
- Added new faces
- Updated balls.
- Removed some duplicated players.
- Some minor tweaks.

PES SMoKE Patch 4.1.1 GOLD (Update only):
- Fixed some some faces.
- Added (Ligue 2 and Eerste Divisie) in the 2D installer.
- Updated some kits.
- Some other fixes.

PES SMoKE Patch 4.1 GOLD (Full and Update):
- Added konami exe 1.2.
- Updated kitserver files.
- Fixed 2D leagues flags.
- Added (Serie B) in the 2D installer.
- Added SMoKE national emblems.
- Added more libertadores teams in exhibition mode.
- Fixes (dummy) players.
- Fixed some kits.
- Fixed some stadiums (had some missing files).
- Some other fixes.

PES SMoKE Patch 4.0 GOLD (Full):
- First release.

1. Unrar files.
2. run (Setup 4.5.exe) and choose Install.
3. choose a scoreboard style and second division league.
* no previous versions needed.
* no konami updates needed.
* recommend removing any previous versions for disk space.
* running the game as admin might be required.


Free Download PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.5.0 GOLD :

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